2012 Updates

Apologies to readers that this site has been rather inactive for a couple of years, I've been starting a new lecturer job (lots of work!), and just as things started to get under control, we got hit by a series of major earthquakes here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Life and work are slowly returning to normal, and this should be accompanied by page updates...

SPELD 2008 Keynote presentation

SPELD NZ Annual Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 20/7/2008 .
Why do numbers make no sense to some people?
Download a pdf copy (Attn: this file is big, 4.7MB!)

Kiwi dyscalculics speak out!

I've been contacted by many kiwis who suffer from dyscalculia (thank you!). Here are some of their quotes.

2008 media coverage:

(In reverse chronological order)

15/4/2008 Radio Interview. Radio New Zealand National Nine to Noon “Dyscalculia” with Kathryn Ryan.

15/4/2008 Radio Interview. 95bFM Ready Steady Learn “Dr Anna Wilson” with Mike Havoc.

15/4/2008 Newspaper Article. The Dominion Post. “Bad maths may be a disability” by Greer McDonald.

15/4/2008 Newspaper Article. The New Zealand Herald. “Maths dunces like dyslectics” by NZPA (New Zealand Press Association).

14/4/2008 Radio Interview. Radio New Zealand National Checkpoint “Dyscalculia (mathematical version of dyslexia)” with Mary Wilson.

14/4/2008 Television interview. TV3 6pm News: “Dyscalculia: When the numbers don’t add up” with Jane Luscombe.

14/4/2008 University of Auckland Press Release.

3/12/2007 Newspaper Article. The Press. “Age of dys-order” by John McCrone.